Parks and Gardens in Toronto East

Scarborough Bluffs

Photos taken in May 2000, July 2005 and April 2006
(bluffs) (Bluffs)

Bluffs in April 2006

Bluffs in April 2006

Bellamy Creek Lake Ontario

Bellamy Creek near Smugglers Cove
Photo taken in May 2000

Lake Ontario at Sylvan Park
Showing effects of recent erosion
Photo taken in May 2000

(bluffs and lake) (Erosion)

Bluffs and Lake July 2005

Erosion, July 2005

(Bank Swallow) (swallow nests)

Bank Swallow

Bank Swallow nests in Bluffs


Wetlands in April 2006


See also East Point Park and Rosetta McClain Gardens in the same area

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