Margaret McRae's Garden

Visitors to the Birdbath

(Sparrow on birdbath) (Sparrow on birdbath)

House Sparrow on birdbath

House Sparrow on birdbath

(House finch on birdbath) (House finches on birdbath)

Male House Finch on Birdbath

House Finches on Birdbath

(Grackle) (Robin)

Grackle on birdbath

American Robin on birdbath

(mourning dove) (mourning dove)

Mourning Dove on birdbath

Mourning Dove on the fence

(house finches) (baby sparrows)

House finches on phone wires

Baby sparrows on birdbath

(Female goldfinch) (Male goldfinch)

Female Goldfinch on sunflowers

Male Goldfinch on sunflower

(goldfinch on cosmos) (Downy woodpecker)

Goldfinch on cosmos

Downy woodpecker on Mullein

(starling on birdbath) ()

Starling on birdbath


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