Parks and Gardens in Toronto Central

Birds in the Lower Don River Valley

(black crowned night heron) (Great Blue Heron)

Black Crowned Night Heron, May 2006

Great Blue Heron in August 2006

(wood ducks) (Female wood duck)

Wood Ducks, April 2007

Female Wood Duck in May 2007

(herring gull) (Hybrid goose)

Herring Gull, May 2007

Hybrid Goose in April 2007

(baby tree swallow) (tree swallow)

Baby Tree Swallow in nest box, June 2007

Tree Swallow feeding baby, June 2007

(Downy woodpecker) (Spotted sandpiper)

Downy Woodpecker in Mulberry tree

Spotted Sandpiper, May 2006

(killdeer) (Mallards dipping)

Killdeer in May 2006

Mallards dipping in May 2006

(Baltimore Oriole) (Male red winged blackbird)

Baltimore Oriole, May 2006

Male Red Winged Blackbird in May 2006

(Goldfinch) (red winged blackbird)

American Goldfinch in July 2005

Female Red Winged Blackbird in July 2005

See also Wildlife at the Don Valley Brickworks Park and the Lower Don River Valley with photos of scenery and other wildlife.

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