Parks and Gardens in Toronto Islands

Franklin Children's Garden

Photos taken in September 2005 and August 2006 by Margaret McRae. I hope to add pages for other areas of the Islands in the coming year.
(Turtle Pond) (Franklin and bear sculpture)

Turtle Pond in Sept. 2005

Franklin and Bear Sculpture in Sept. 2005

(Snail Trail) (Rosemary Willow of Snail Trail)

Snail Trail in Sept. 2005

Rosemary Willow of snail trail

(Hide and Seek Garden Tree house) (Storybook place)

Hide and Seek Garden Treehouse in Sept. 2005

Story Book Place

(Monarch Caterpillar) (Monarch pupa)

Monarch Caterpillar at Little Sprouts Garden

Monarch Pupa at Little Sprouts Garden

(Monarch butterfly) (Comma butterfly on Rudbeckia)

Monarch Butterfly August 2005

Comma Butterfly on Rudbeckia, Sept. 2006

(Centre Island Garden) (Manitou Beach)

Avenue of the Islands Garden, Sep. 2005

Manitou Beach, Sept. 2005

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