Parks and Gardens on Toronto West Lakeshore

Humber Bay and Humber Shores, Western Lakeshore

(Spotted Sandpiper) Spotted Sandpiper

Spotted Sandpiper in June 2005

Spotted Sandpiper in June 2005

Caspian terns Harlequin Duck

Caspian terns, April 2006

Harlequin Duck swimming, June 2005

(Double crested cormorants) (Tree swallows)

Double Crested Cormorants, June 2005

Tree swallows, April 2006

(widgeon) (Trumpeter swans)

American Widgeons

Trumpeter swans

(Monarch Butterfly) (Milkweed beetles)

Monarch Butterfly

Milkweed Beetles

(Great blue heron) (shoveler)

Great Blue Heron resting on one leg, Oct. 2005

Shoveler, Oct. 2005

(Green winged teals) (killdeer)

Green Winged Teals


(cowbird) (Hooded Merganser)

Brown headed cowbird

Hooded Merganser

(Painted Lady) (Orange sulphur

Painted Lady, Oct. 2005

Orange Sulphur, Oct. 2005

See also South Humber River and Col. Samuel Smith Park

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