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Life Stages of Butterflies

Photos of Monarch buttefly's metamorphosis from egg to caterpillar, pupa, emerging butterfly and adult butterfly in my garden. I have also created a page with photos of caterpillars and pupae which were parasitized and did not survive the process
(monarch egg and baby caterpillar) (Baby monarch caterpillar)

Monarch Egg and baby caterpillar on milkweed leaf

Baby Monarch Caterpillar on milkweed seedpod

(Monarch caterpillar after shedding skin) (Monarch Caterpillar)

Monarch Caterpillar after shedding skin

Monarch Caterpillar

(monarch pupating) (monarch pupating)

Monarch Caterpillar pupating on birdbath

Monarch Caterpillar pupating on Amaranthus leaf

(pupa) (pupa showing orange and black)

New pupa showing green

Pupa showing orange and black inside

(Monarch emerging) (Monarch emerging)

Monarch Emerging with wings still folded

Newly Emerged Monarch with wings still folded

(Monarch on pupa) (Monarch venturing off)

Emerged Monarch clinging to pupa

Monarch venturing away from pupa

(monarch on pupa) (hairstreak)

Monarch on pupa

Fluid ejected from Monarch

(Monarch on buddleia) (Monarch on Buddleia)

Monarch on Buddleia davidii

Monarch on Buddleia davidii

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