Parks and Gardens in Toronto East

Rouge Park in Summer

Photos taken on walks with the Toronto Field Naturalists
the first 3 in July 1998 and the pond in July 2001, damsel flies, shale, hanging tree in July 2005
Rouge River Rouge River

Rouge River winding through the wilderness

Rouge River with purple loosetrife
an invasive but colourful weed

Crossing the Rouge Pond at Rouge Park

Children crossing the Rouge

A pond in Rouge Park

Ebony Jewelwing female male ebony jewelwing

Female Ebony Jewelwing damselfly

Male Ebony Jewelwing damselfly

Hanging tree Shale on Little Rouge

Hanging Tree, July 2005

Shale at Little Rouge, July 2005

See also Rouge Beach Park for photos at the mouth of the Rouge and Rouge Park in Autumn for autumn photos.

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