Parks and Gardens in Toronto Central Lakeshore

Tommy Thompson Park aka Leslie Street Spit on Lake Ontario

Photos taken in July and December, 2005 and January 2006
(wetlands, Cell 1) (Yellow Bedstraw)

Cell 1 Wetlands

Yellow Bedstraw

(Kingbird in tree) (Greater Scaups)

Eastern Kingbird in tree

Greater Scaups swimming

(Yellow Woolly Bear caterpillar) (Monarch caterpillar)

Yellow Woolly Bear

Monarch Caterpillar on milkweed

(Viceroy butterfly) (cormorants nesting)

Viceroy on Tansy

Cormorants nesting grounds

(Long tailed duck) (Snowy Owl)

Female Long tailed duck, December 2005

Snowy Owl, December 2005

(Long tailed ducks) (Goldeneye)

Long tailed ducks swimming, January 2006

Male Goldeneye Duck, January 2006

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