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Photos of insects in my garden with wasps, beetles, damselflies, bees, caterpillars. Butterflies are on a separate page and you may also view photos of the Life Cycle of the Monarch with photos of egg, caterpillar, pupae and adult in several different stages. I have also created a page with photos of caterpillars and pupae which were parasitized and did not survive the process and a photo of a parasitic wasp.
(Monarch Caterpillar) (bee on golden rod)

Monarch Caterpillar eating Milkweed flower

Bee on goldenrod

(Spider) (Insects mating on sunflower leaf)

Spider on Evening Primrose

Insects Mating on Sunflower leaf

(Spider) (Insects mating on sunflower leaf)

Bumble bees mating on New England Aster

Bumblebees Mating on New England Aster

(damselfly) (yellow jacket wasp)

Meadowhawk Damselfly on Hydrangea

Yellow Jacket

(ladybugs) (beetle)

Ladybugs mating

Japanese Beetle

(milkweed beetle) (locust borer)

Milkweed beetle

Locust borer on Goldenrod

(bald faced hornet) (hoverfly)

Bald faced hornet


(paper wasp) (paper wasp)

Paper Wasp

Paper Wasp

(paper wasp) (milkweed bug)

Paper Wasp

Milkweed Bug

(question mark caterpillar) (question mark pupa)

Question Mark Caterpillar

Question Mark Pupa

(unknown bug) (stinkbug)

Unknown Bug

Stink bug

(grasshopper) (dragonfly)

Grasshopper on sunflower

Dragonfly on Echinacea (darner?)

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