Margaret McRae's Back Garden

Certified Backyard Habitat

Shrubs and Flowers

Photos of my back garden with shrubs and flowers. There are separate pages for birds, butterflies and insects. This garden consists of perennials and self seeding annuals as well as whatever happens to arrive on its own. It requires very little work.

My garden won the silver award in 2003 from Friends of the Don East in the Another Yard for the Don program for being ecologically friendly and in June 2007 was certified by the Canadian Wildlife Federation for it's Backyard Habitat.

In May 2004 I turned my entire front yard into a garden which is now on a separate page.

(Bridalwreath spirea) (Canada Anemone)

Bridalwreath spirea

Canada Anemone

(Canada Goldenrod) (Japanese Lanterns)

Canada Goldenrod

Japanese Lanterns

(lilac) (sunflower)

My lilac


(daylilies) (New England Asters)

My daylilies

New England Asters

(Star of Bethlehem) ()

Star of Bethlehem


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